Pan mill in Tomášikovo

Location: Trnavský kraj, okres Galanta, Tomášikovo

GPS: N48°5'19'' E17°39'59''

The pan mill in Tomášikovo in the south-west of Slovakia is one of few surviving water mills in Slovakia with bottom mill race. Today is the technical monument, which demonstrates the past milling activities in southern Slovakia.

The mill stands about 2 km west of the village Tomášikovo on the river Malý Dunaj in point of its confluence with the brook Suchý. Miller János Maticza built it in 1893. The last reconstruction and modernization of the mill took place in 1940. The mill operated until 1960. In 1982 it was reconstructed and adapted as an exhibit of the Museum of Homeland studies in Galanta.

The structure of the mill with shingle rood and a large driving wheel using the bottom water stands of pillars made of locust wood. The mill is still functional. It contains its original interior furniture and original milling utensils. It is accessible via a little footbridge from the riverbank.

The mill is set in the charming environment of alluvial forest and on the tourist water route. Small boats can anchor in the vicinity of the mill; camping and swimming is also possible.

Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama