Oponice Manor House

Location: Nitriansky kraj, okres Topoľčany, Oponice

GPS: N48°28'5'' E18°8'39''

This 16th-century, Renaissance-style manor house in the village of Oponice, which lies near the city of Nitra in western Slovakia, is bound to attract scores of art and history lovers.

The Apponyi family built the manor house and rebuilt it in the mid-19th century. The last adaptations endowed it with Neo-Gothic elements.

Apponyis Museum seats now in the manor. It contains above all paintings and hunting trophies. Exhibition instructs visitors about history of the important noble family, the Apponyis. Albanian Queen Geraldine was member of this family. Part of one of the largest libraries in time of Kingdom of Hungary has been preserved in this manor house.

Source: Dajama