Observatory and Planetarium in Hlohovec

Location: Trnavský kraj, okres Hlohovec, Hlohovec

GPS: N48°25'12'' E17°47'50''

„Astronomy is a measure of a nation’s culture (M. R. Štefánik)
 is one of the few towns in Slovakia which have observatories (19) and one of the five towns with a planetarium. We organize field trips to the planetarium, lectures and astronomic observations of the Sun and the night sky.

You will find us in the south-west part of the town, about 15 minutes walking from the main square, on the hill called Svinná Hora.

The observatory offers you a chance to become familiar with telescopes, to take part in night observations and to attend lectures which will deal with a topic of your interest. The lecture hall has a seating capacity of 40 people.  You can choose from a rich offer of special programmes, films, books and videos from the field of astronomy. Moreover, you can buy various astronomic materials, such as yearbooks, maps, postcards here and you can also take pleasure in a wonderful view of the town Hlohovec and its surroundings.

The planetarium, with a seating capacity of 55 people, has a cupola on which you can watch the artificial skythe Sun, the Moon, planets, the stars as well as the Milky Way in different seasons and various geographical latitudes, from the North to the South Pole. In the entrance hall, you can see the astronomic exhibition.

Take a chance to make astronomical observations and become familiar with the second biggest telescope in Slovakia. Choose one of our programmes and set out on a “Fantastic Journey” of the Solar System, during which you can get a lot of information about formation and development of stars as well as constellations and legends about them. For the youngest children we prepared the programmes called „Martin a hviezda“ (Martin and the Star) and „Kamilka na potulkách vesmírom“ (Kamilka and Her Journey of the Universe), which use a very interesting way to make children familiar with the Sun, the Moon, the stars and constellations.

You can get our complete programme offer on our telephone number or our website. The programme for groups in the planetarium lasts about 2 hours, but it can be completed by a lecture you might be interested in. Every two months we publish an information leaflet which contains the latest information.

Source: TINS