New information boards with QR codes on the monuments in Žilina

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Žilina, Žilina

GPS: N49°13'30'' E18°44'31''

Žilina became the first city in Slovakia, which informs not only tourists, but also the general public on important buildings with a unique information system.

Deservesing special attention, are the stainless steel boards with a brief text and QR codes displayed on buildings with the essential history of Žilina, architecture or unique culture.

After capturing the QR code via a mobile application, a tourist will gain detailed information in Slovak and English on the building at of the Tourist Information Office of Žilina portal

At this time 81 major buildings are marked in Zilina. In addition to the information on the buildings in Slovak and English a version in Polish is also being prepared. The total number of selected buildings in Žilina to denote the tables with QR codes is 105.

Source: Mesto Žilina