Museum of special education in Levoča

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Levoča, Levoča

GPS: N49°1'30'' E20°35'20''

The Museum of special education in Levoča is a specialized institution with Slovakia-wide competence, that was established in an effort to document the development of special education and special institutions in the Slovak Republic. As for the organization, it is subordinated to the Institute of Information and Education Prognoses.

The basic function of the Museum is to offer to the general public, special education teachers, and pupils and students from special schools the permanent exposition History of special education in Slovakia. Moreover, the museum processes information on special education and pedagogy and presents the findings to expert public and to people interested in the special education topic using modern communication means.

The Museum effectuates its function through the following activities:

collection-building activities; the museum collection includes a historical special-education library and document classification records

- cultural and educational activities, whereby exhibitions on various topics, discussion meetings and creativity workshops are continuously organized

The museum also serves as a consultation centre providing information and document classification services to teachers and University students specializing in special education. In addition, it provides DVD projection about life, work, problems and successes of the disabled population.

Author: Informačná kancelária mesta Levoča

Source: Múzeum špeciálneho školstva v Levoči

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