Museum of Jewish Culture SNM Bratislava

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°8'39'' E17°6'13''

The exposition of  Jewish culture in Slovakia is located in the Zsigray mansion in Bratislava. The Museum of Jewish Culture is also in charge of exhibitions held in synagogues in Žilina, Prešov and Trnava.

Collections of the Museum of Jewish Culture - over 2,800 artifacts - mainly include a valuable set of cult objects. Textile curtains, blankets, metal candlesticks, light fittings - lamps providing eternal light, crowns, shields and Tora pointers, spice boxes, etc are particularly worthy of mention.

Two 18th century faience jars of Senica-based Chever Kadiš's burial society are priceless pieces for documentation purposes. Historical books include works of renowned Bratislava rabbi Chatam Sófer, who gained his reputation partly thanks to a world-famous rabbi apprentice school in Bratislava that existed until 1939.

Source: Slovenské národné múzeum