Museum of History SNM Bratislava

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°8'32'' E17°6'0''

Set out on a journey into the past and get familiar with the evolution of society in Slovakia since the Middle Ages up to the present day. In addition to a unique numismatic collection, you can enjoy a view of the city from the Crown Tower of Bratislava Castle.

What was used for payment in the past? Explore the numismatic collection covering the earliest periods up to the present day. The exhibition also includes collections that record the history and the ethno-cultural evolution of Slovak expatriates as well as the culture of Croats in Slovakia. The Museum of History is in charge of a vast amount of collection objects. At present, the museum showcases mainly collections of historical furniture, visual arts, clocks, historical glass, porcelain, ceramics, fashion accessories and silver items. The Museum of History is located at Bratislava Castle.

The museum houses the following expositions: Historical Furniture and Equipment, The Jewelry of Slovakia's Distant Past, and The Silver Treasure. An excursion to the 47-metre tall Crown Tower is also a highly enjoyable experience. A replica of the crown of Hungarian kings and coronation medals are on show in the area of the entry to the tower on the third floor. An observation platform on top of the tower provides a unique panoramic view of Bratislava and its environs.

Despite extensive reconstruction of Bratislava Castle, which is to be launched in 2008, part of exhibition areas of the Slovak National Museum - Museum of History will remain open for the public. An exhibition called History and Future of Bratislava Castle, which is held under the castle's courtyard, provides a journey across the eventful history of Bratislava Castle. 

The Slovak National Museum - Museum of History is currently preparing new exhibitions in the area of the castle's Luginsland bastion.

Source: SNM