Museum of Croatian Culture in Slovakia SNM Bratislava

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°12'44'' E16°58'25''

The Museum aims at presenting the cultural heritage, both material and intellectual, of Croatian minority living in Slovakia.

As a specialized museum institution, it covers systematic ethnographic research into the history and culture of Croats, who, in the course of the 16th century in their run from the Ottoman threat, colonized the area of the Small Carpathians and Bratislava, and also settled in the territory of present Austria and Hungary and the region of Moravia.

Two permanent museum expositions and regular exhibitions and events focused on the presentation of the colorful history and cultureof this ethnic group will provide you with more information about Croats on Slovakia‘s territory.

Moreover, the museum houses exhibitions from other spheres of culture, art, social and natural sciences, as well as exhibitions presenting and informing about peculiarities of this region.

In addition, concerts of both classical and popular music, film screenings, lectures and discussion sessions on various topics are organized in the museum too.

Source: Slovenské národné múzeum