Mountaineering and climbing

Thanks to Slovakias very good location, there are a lot of mountainous areas where you can go climbing. This activity does not have a long history but in spite of this it is widely spread in our country.

Climbing is performed in climbing associations. If you want to do this sport, you need a valid licence of your climbing organisation. If you feel like trying this activity, there are quite a few places you can choose, e.g.: The High and the Low Tatras, the Veľká Fatra and the Malá Fatra Mountain Ranges, the Štiavnické vrchy Mts., Javorníky and many other mountains that are quite numerous in Slovakia. A rich flora, fauna and fresh air are a warranty that you will fall in love with climbing.

The mountainous village of Vernár belongs to the most visited places in Slovakia. Surrounded by hills, forests and rocks, it is predestined for walking and hiking. This means that all lovers of climbing from the close or more distant environs have good conditions for self-fulfilment. There are four climbing sectors, each of them being specific. There are mostly lips, roofs, sometimes erect plates. The routes are evaluated by the UIAA scale and the names are written on rocks. The area is known to offer the possibility of climbing in cold winter months. If the sky is clear enough, you can enjoy climbing in all sectors. Climbing lovers will certainly come into their own. In your free time you can pop to one of the two inns in the village or just stroll around in the beautiful environment. All of the sectors are situated in natural reservations.

Another popular climbing area with a rich history is called Pajštún - the ruins of a castle near Bratislava where, in recent years, a new safeguarding and a number of new routes have been made. However, you should be careful because some tourists, when enjoying a good view, can drop stones from the top and you should also avoid climbing ruined castle walls. On the top in the castle courtyard you can profit from the English lawn and go picnicking or camping. In autumn when the air is clean, you can even see the tops of the Alps.

Nevertheless, before you decide to go hiking, you should get suitable footwear, that is shoes that go up to the ankles with a strong sole. You should also take a lot of drink with you, maybe a camera or a camcorder and sports clothes that should be thick in cold months. If you have not decided yet, it is high time to take climbing up, because it not only brings beautiful experiences but also new energy and optimism.

Source: AdAstra Net