Mountain Summer Bobsled Track

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Brezno, Predajná

GPS: N48°45'48'' E19°28'41''

Visitors to the Low Tatra Mts. can spend their free time actively at the first summer bobsled track Brandauer in Slovakia! This track is also an ideal place for summer vacation as well as short family trips.

The mountain summer bobsled track, which is first of its kind in Slovakia, is situated 5 km from the town of Liptovský Mikuláš in Demänová Valley, in the village of Pavčina Lehota.

It is 1000 m long and its superelevation is 120 m. The track has 16 curves and 6 terrain waves.

The speed of bobsleds is up to 45 km per hour and they are equipped with three brakes, which are independent of each other, that means that a crew can choose an optimal speed and style of ride.

The crew is fastened by seat belts. One bobsled can be ridden by one adult person, one adult person with a child up to the age of 7 and children over 7 years of age can ride alone.

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Author: Eva Čenková

Source: X-Trémbob