Motor boats

One of the good ways of spending one´s time near water areas is making trips and cruises on recreation motor boats, yachts or water scooters. Holiday makers can use them at water areas according to the local rules /Liptovská Mara, Oravská priehrada, Zemplínska šírava, Zlaté Piesky, Slnečné jazerá/.

One fact is that engines on small reservoirs and rivers pollute the water and the air intensively; they are noisy and can seriously threaten safety. This is the reason why they are strictly forbidden at some places /Domaša/. Motor boats can be replaced by hovercrafts that are safe, fast and easier to use not only on water.

Home and foreign sportsmen prepare for races and holiday-makers are given accurate freedom to try everything that motor water sports can provide in the specially adjusted conditions of the water area of Čunovo near Bratislava.

The power of motor vessels can also be used on rivers as an alternative means of transport. The vessels have to be registered by The State Nautical Office or the Marine Chamber and the owners have to pass the course of manoeuvring the vessel and have a special licence.

Since 1949, all motor water sports lovers in Slovakia have been organized in the Slovenský zväz vodného motorizmu (Slovak Motonautics Union).

Source: AdAstra Net