Midsummer Night´s Bonfires (23rd – 24th June night)

In summer many customs concentrated on protection against evil forces that might have harmed vegetation and livestock. The culmination point of this magic time was the Midsummer Night (23rd - 24th June night) which involved customs whose origins go back to the pre-Christian era. Some forms of this custom, especially making bonfires above villages, have been preserved till nowadays.

The Midsummer Day is the longest day of the year. Fire, especially bonfire, belonged among the basic elements of the solstice customs and the adults as well as the young went singing and dancing around it.

On this day, people picked medicinal herbs and they looked for treasures with the help of the so called fern flower which was to blossom during the Midsummer Night.

Most attention was paid to fire. One of the traditions was making huge bonfires on a place clearly seen from the village, launching fire wheels, tossing burning torches, singing, dancing and jumping over the bonfire.

Source: Dajama