Medieval Pressing

Location: Trnavský kraj, okres Trnava, Trnava

GPS: N48°22'15'' E17°34'60''

Venue: Trnava

Date: 8/31/2018

Event type: theatre festival, gastronomic event, market, exhibition, TOP Event, historic event, event for children, dance event, event for youth, workshop

Spend a Friday early evening and evening accompanied by wine. A unique event of its art in Slovakia gives you the idea of an old but also a famous history of wine making in the Tirnavia region thanks to performed scenes from the wine makers' lives.

Treading grapes in a tun by bare feet of beautiful girls, period music and a wine degustation create a unique atmosphere of Medieval Pressing in the courtyard of Town Hall in Trnava. Wine making tradition in the Tirnavia region livens up through performed scenes from wine makers' lives who take you into the secrets of grape harvest and wine production, an important trade commodity a long time ago.
The period Medieval Pressing with a celebration that is a must take place directly in the courtyard of Town Hall. Thanks to performed scenes you appear in the past for a while and get to know more about the winemakers' lives and about the life of Trnava. There are competitions for children and also for adults in a winy spirit.

Historians tell you in their catchy narratives about the medieval Trnava as the biggest wine making centre in Hungary and about its famous wine making tradition in the rooms of a gothic cellar below the West Wing of the Town Hall. A must is also a degustation provided by significant wineries in the Tirnavia region, awarded with several medals from world competitions.

This event is financially supported by Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic

The event is supported by National Tourism Portal

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