Mária Medvecká Gallery

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Tvrdošín, Tvrdošín

GPS: N49°19'58'' E19°33'3''

The permanent exposition of the Orava Gallery of the work of the painter has been installed in the Classicist manor house from the 19th century since 1979. It presents the all-live work of the author that connected both her life and work to Orava.

In the area of 583 m2 there are 266 oil paintings and drawing shown, providing an insight into the development stages and genres in the all-life work of Mária Medvecká (1914 – 1987) – a painter that  linked her life and work with a distinct region of Slovakia – Orava.

After her studies in Bratislava, Vienna and Prague, Mária Medvecká returned back to her native Orava  to stay there permanently and together with her husband, Ctibor Belan, artist, they devoted their time to creative work and to important activities in the field of culture and education, the result of which was also the establishment of the Orava Gallery.

The exhibition activities of M. Medvecká played a pioneer role in the development of fine arts culture in Orava from late 1940s to mid 1960s. The painter and her work worked the path for understanding of fine arts in the environment in which people had not any chance to encounter it. In its work, she attained the most unique view and expression based on the first-hand and non-pathetic relationship to the reality regarding the country and people.

The attic in the Gallery "Studio" is used for temporary exhibitions of fine arts.

Source: Oravská galéria