Lučivná Spa

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Poprad, Mengusovce

GPS: N49°3'59'' E20°7'54''

Lučivná Climatic Spa is located amid a forest park in a scenic area below the Tatras.It is situated 816 metres above sea level.  The facility specializes in providing spa treatment to children suffering from non-tuberculous diseases of the respiratory tract.

The climatic spa resort was built by the Várady-Szátmary family north of the village of Lučivná in 1872. In 1875, the spa resort was classified as a treatment facility. In 1937, Lučivná Spa was enlarged by a modern treatment centre that included several independent buildings, while a treatment facility for children followed in 1948.

Thanks to fresh air and plenty of sunny days in a year, which only multiply the effects of the local mountain climate, it is children with respiratory tract diseases in particular who undergo treatment in Lučivná.

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Source: Kúpele Lučivná