Liptov has novelties for cyclists

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Liptovský Mikuláš, Liptovský Mikulás

GPS: N49°5'30'' E19°35'56''

Liptov is turning into a cyclist region. Not only tens of kilometres of newly designated routes, but also the further improvement of services for cyclists gives an evidence for that. They may in fact look forward to a more comprehensive map of all cycling routes and also to a mobile application in the form of a digital guide.

It is not by chance, that Liptov was chosen as the venue of the stages by the organizers of two major cycling races. Famous names of the world cycling will visit Liptov twice this summer. Within the first race Round Slovakia (June 4 to 5) and then under the brand name of Tour de Pologne (August 7). It is not impossible, that in particular in the latter designated race, even one of our most successful competitors could appear in the peloton.

This year, 67 km of new routes will be added at Liptov region and together they will reach a length of 770 km. "We wanted to make more attractive especially the surroundings of Liptovská Mara water reservoir, which provides beautiful scenery and excellent conditions for cycling. The advantage is that the route avoids the busy roads and thus will also be safer. Other tracks bring lovers of sport on two wheels to Čutkovská and Žiarska Valleys," informs Darina Bartková, the Director of the Regional Tourist Board - Region Liptov.

An improved map of cycling routes is waiting for the cyclists, that will form the Annex of the Biker magazine and those providing accommodation, who are involved in the Liptov Region Card system will get it free for their guests. The visitors of the region will also appreciate the new mobile application with the presentation of all bike routes "This is a brand new web and mobile application offering interactive maps with a lot of information about attractions, routes, commercial and non-commercial establishments in the area. It will advise you when, where and what can be done in Liptov throughout the year. It offers many hiking and biking trails, information about cable cars, swimming pools, restaurants, hotels, transport and the like. There are really many ways how to use it and everyone can find what s/he likes, "explains the manager of the TOP centres of the Liptov OOCR Region, Petra Šuhajdová.

Liptov will be rich in various cycling events. Who is interested, can participate in the beginnings of June, in the 7th annual action Through Slovakia on a Bike within Four Days, which promotes the steadfast will of people with disabilities and their efforts to ride a bike in the countryside accompanied by celebrities. In mid-August again the participants of the Cyclist Marathon in the Footsteps of Martin Rázus, will set off on the track.

Source: OOCR Región Liptov