Košice has the Museum of the Tokaj Wine Route

Location: Košický kraj, Košice

GPS: N48°43'9'' E21°15'31''

Authentic items, tools for producing the world renowned Tokaj wines - putňa (wooden containers), barrels, a historic wine press, maps and pictures with a winemaking theme.

All this and even more can be seen by visitors to the unique "Museum of the Tokaj Wine Route" situated in the part of the underground archaeological complex of "Lower Gate" on the Main Street in Košice.

The unique viticulture exhibition informs visitors of Košice's rich history, not only as a former renowned wine city but, at the same time, as a city which had lively trade in the Tokaj nectar called "the wine of kings - the king of wines" throughout Europe.

Web: www.kosice.sk