Košice Gourmet Fest (June)

Location: Košický kraj, Košice

GPS: N48°43'16'' E21°15'28''

The festival follows the established traditions of related culinary fests in Vienna, Prague and Bratislava. It’s not a competition, rather special emphasis is put on a friendly and creative exchange between grand masters of the art of cooking and young talent from all over Slovakia.

Local master chefs of our first-class hotels and innovative restaurants, together with their guests, orchestrate Gourmet-Fiesta ambiance of the superlative level and offer a unique opportunity to the city visitors to savour cuisine creations and mouth watering meals as well as relish delightful Gourmet dinners in local restaurants prepared by our guest chefs in all Gourmet Festival establishments.

Source: Návštevnícke centrum Košice

Web: visitkosice.eu/en