Klokočinský jarmok Fair (August)

Location: Nitriansky kraj, okres Nitra, Nitra

GPS: N48°18'18'' E18°3'4''

Klokočinský jarmok Fair is an event in the Klokočina housing estate in Nitra which revives the old folk customs, creates the space for the presentation of the folklore ensembles, music and dance groups from the town and its vicinity.

Klokočinský jarmok Fair is held in the second half of August. During the three days, the inhabitants of the housing estate as well as of the whole town and its vicinity can watch and listen to various genres of music and miscellaneous artistic ensembles and take part in manifold competitions and activities.

The essence of the fair are the sales markets with various goods, craft products, and a variety of stalls with assorted goodies. 

The event is organized with the co-operation of the Klokočina Town District Committee and its goal is to liven up the life in the housing estate, offer some entertainment opportunities to its inhabitants, support creativity of children and youth, present creative folk-art and offer plenty of good musical performances for all generations. Traditional part of the event includes the cook-out of goulash and bean soup, the contest for the best-looking gourd scarecrow, and painting on a blacktop.  Besides the cultural program for fair visitors, a fair market is prepared, traditional fair specialties (sausage, roast meat, cotton candy, etc.), carousels for the daredevils and attractions taking your breath away.


Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama, Mestský úrad v Nitre