Journey on the waves of time - The Museum of ancient cultures

Location: Trnavský kraj, okres Piešťany, Pieštany

GPS: N48°32'58'' E17°48'46''

For all those, who enjoy the "living history". On the waves of time - the sailing museum of ancient cultures, is a project focusing on the period of the Ancient history, especially the clash of the Barbarians and the Roman Empire on our territory. The visitors will admire the ancient warrior ship Hyperborea, and they can look at and test all the museum show-pieces.

The project of the Ancient museum of sailing cultures in Piešťany "On the waves of time" aims to show the public, children, tourists, history fans and travellers, as well as professionals, what was the life in the region of Považie in the mythical times of the Ancient history like. It shows that these territories were full of life, trading and civilization clashes. Places that were located on the vivid artery of trading and cultural exchange of the northern parts of Europe and the Mediterranean advanced civilizations on the Amber Road and the Silk Road.

The museum shall shortly show you the period around the year 170 AD. You can see and try the ancient arms, healing methods, crafts, trading and the common life.

Moreover , you can sail an ancient warrior ship called Hyperborea ("The Country of the Northern wind"). It is a fast, two-row longship with a foldable mast and sails. It served for military purposes, reconnaissance, but it was also used by Mediterranean and Black Sea pirates. Its length is seventeen meters. It is more than three and half metres wide and it is powered by twenty paddles in two rows.

In the calm and beautiful environment of Rybársky dvor near Piešťany and Sĺňava, you can experience unforgettable moments from the Ancient times.

Source: Agentúra Historica