J. M. Petzval Museum in Spišská Belá

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Kežmarok, Spišská Belá

GPS: N49°11'23'' E20°27'15''

J. M. Petzval Museum in Spišská Belá is one of the detached exhibitions of the Slovak Technical Museum in Košice, the only museum in Slovakia focusing on the history of science and technology in this area.

Located at his native house, the exhibition presents photographic and cinematographic technology developments on the background of J. M. Petzval’s life and work.

There are more than 600 exhibits documenting the photographic optics history. Moreover, the attention is focused on Petzval’s inventions documentation, including his most famous objective lens.

Visitors may find out a lot about photographic equipment developments from gas lamps to photocopying machines. The unique collection of camera shutters is especially remarkable.
A special section has been dedicated to the origins of cinematography whose development was also significantly influenced by Petzval’s discovery.

Source: Slovenské technické múzeum Košice