Instructive path Drienčanský kras - Revúcka vrchovina

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Rimavská Sobota, Teplý Vrch

GPS: N48°28'12'' E20°6'5''

Teplý Vrch - Drienčany - Drienčanská pevnosť - Veľká drienčanská jaskyňa - Malá drienčanská jaskyňa - Drienčany (2 h)

Mountain range: Revúcka vrchovina
Region: Gemer

Starting point: Teplý Vrch, bus stop, parking lot, district Rimavská Sobota.
Finishing point: Drienčany, bus stop, parking lot, district Rimavská Sobota.

Time schedule: Teplý Vrch - Drienčany 1/2 h - Drienčanská pevnosť 1/4 h - Veľká drienčanská jaskyňa 1/2 h - Malá drienčanská jaskyňa 1/4 h - Drienčany 1/2 h
Map: Stolické vrchy - Revúca, 1:50 000 (sheet 135), VKÚ, a. s., Harmanec.

Description of the route: Instructive path informing about the attractive features of the Drienčanský karst. Although the area of this territory is only 16 square kilometres, it forms a picturesque karstic island between the Slovenský kras and the Muránska planina plateau. The path contains 15 stops with information panels. This undemanding trip is also suitable for children and elderly people. Caves, karstic holes and dolines/karrens are among the interesting spots in the area covered. The path was opened in 1992, reconstructed and extended in 2002.

Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama