In Ždiar, runs the little train Vláčik Maguráčik

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Poprad, Ždiar

GPS: N49°16'6'' E20°14'60''

In the distinctive village of Ždiar in the Tatras, they have a new attraction - a little shuttle train.

In the village Ždiar, in the Tatras, which is 7 km long, you don´t have to walk on foot. Visiting children will especially appreciate the little tourist train, which makes the tour of the village and its surroundings more colourful. Since April 2014, the little train MAGURÁČIK - the Ždiar Express, which parks at the Magura hotel in the Monk Valley, operates during the summer tourist season.

The route of the little train:

Hotel MAGURA, Monk Valley
Ždiar TATRA stop
The ABC grocery store
The Ždiar House Museum
The Municipal Office (the fire station, the grocery store U Vlasty)
The Ždiar Pension
The Jánošík Pension
The Strachan Ski Centrum
Ždiar Strednica

Source: OOCR Tatry-Spiš-Pieniny