In the kingdom of crispy goose

Thousands of worldwide visitors travel here every year for the fragrant delicacy that melts on the tongue. We will show you a village dotted with restaurants, located only 25 km from Bratislava, where goose feasts last the whole year. For every gourmet, it will be love beyond Grob!

Photo: Nina Skalíková, OOCR Malé Karpaty

Roasted goose leg has been a symbol of prosperity since ancient times. However, preparing it in such a way that it is neither stiff nor greasy is a challenge that only real masters can handle. There are quite a few of them in the village of Slovenský Grob, which is why the village surrounded by the Little Carpathians is proud of the nickname the Kingdom of Geese. Its more than a century-old gastronomic tradition is even reminded of the huge golden goose on the main street. The secret of decades-proven culinary success lies in original recipes and clay pans. It is the clay that maintains the temperature evenly and guarantees that the meat does not dry out and is fluffy and juicy even after three hours of baking.

Photo: Marek Dvořák, OOCR Malé Karpaty

In Grob, they will convince you that goose or duck tastes best fresh out of the oven and in the tasty company of steamed red cabbage and the famous Grob lokša made from potato dough. You can enjoy them here in each of dozens of restaurants – from family to downright luxurious. Thanks to the strong competition, the quality of food remains, which is carefully monitored by the famous Goose Poultry Guild. Its member is, for example, Pivnica u zlatej husi (The golden goose tavern), where the secret recipe of crispy delicacies has been handed down for the fourth generation. Do not forget: The goose is supposed to swim. Treat yourself to burčiak or an award-winning wine from local vineyards. The qualified staff will be happy to advise you the suitable wine for a hearty lunch.

Photo: Marek Dvořák, OOCR Malé Karpaty

Although in Slovenský Grob the main season associated with thematic events begins in September, during the period of burčiak and young wine, and ends before Christmas, you can enjoy roast goose or duck here all year round. Take advantage of the fact that it is only a hop away from the capital, and be sure to try the roast goose, fluffy as a snow meringue, or the delicate spread made of goose cracklings. And for dessert, get the typical strudel with poppy seeds and plum jam. A visit to Slovenský Grob will be a pleasure for all the senses!

Cover photo: Miroslav Grenčík, OOCR Malé Karpaty