Ice Skating

Skating has a long tradition in Slovakia and even nowadays it counts among very popular sports. Indoor ice-skating rinks, public skating rinks and open-air ice areas offer an opportunity to enjoy skating experience in the winter season.

There are approximately 30 indoor ice stadiums in Slovakia, most of which are open to the public during the winter season. The time schedule, during which they are available for the public, is usually drawn up according to the time schedule of ice-hockey matches and is therefore often irregular. It is advisable to find out more about the current schedule at the respective stadium.

In winter, open-air skating rinks are available in several cities and towns across Slovakia. Some of them can be found in the very centre of a particular city or town, while some are located in recreational areas of a given city or town. Major shopping centres also offer a possibility to skate regardless of whether it is the winter or summer season.

You can enjoy unusual experience when taking part in some of the events that are organized on ice, such as discos, carnivals or Halloween. It is possible to hire these skating rinks for group events or competitions.