In spite of its small surface, Slovakia abounds in varied and beautiful nature and a density of forests. All the country creates one beautiful hunting ground which offers a lot of hunting opportunities. The hunting grounds have a long history andtradition.

The heart of every hunter will be pleased when he hears that the hunting grounds are wellmaintained. Within their relatively small surface they offer large opportunities for hunting various kinds of game. The approximate surface of hunting grounds in Slovakia is around 4.4 million hectares.

Hunting the deer, the wild boar, the roebuck, but also meeting big predators like the bear or the wolf is not rare in the regions of the Veľká Fatra mountains or the Low Tatras. All this is connected with unique experiences that you cannot have without setting off for a walk in the Slovak forests.

If you want to boast of a beautiful bag of a deer, the best thing you can do is to go hunting in the regions of Bardejov, Svidník, Humenné and Poľana. If you want to hunt the wild boar, you will get the trophy in the environs of Rimavská Sobota, Lučenec, Levice or Veľký Krtíš.

However, if your favourite game is the bear, you should know that the bag has two phases: the spring and the autumn phase and both must be allowed by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic. The most popular regions for hunting bears are in the north and in the north-east of Slovakia.

The ideal time for hunting game like the deer, the moufflon, the fallow deer, thewild boar, the young boar, the hare is the end of August and the beginning of September. Hunting of the fox, the badger, the wild cat and similar game is not restricted.

Several travel agencies offer organised hunting. Besides organisation they can recommend interesting accommodation in beautifully reconstructed hunting castles or mountain chalets.

Surely many of you go to the forest not only because of hunting, but also to gather new energy, to relax, to admire the nature, its beauty and perfection. It has become common that while walking along a forest path, you come across various shelters and still hunt shelters from which you can watch or take photographs of natural beauties and if you are able to stay quiet, you may, if you are lucky, even see interesting forest animals. Moreover, they can also protect you from the rain or the summer heat.

Our forests have plenty berries that you can pick and taste as well as aromaticmushrooms or medicinal herbs.

Source: AdAstra Net