How to see a lot and not get too tired

Do you want to discover a city but does it mean too much walking for you? Take advantage of one of our tourist trains, which will spare your feet as well as time. And not only that. There are other recreational means of transport, which offer attractive experiences without too much effort.

A summer day can be used, for example, for a trip on a scenic boat. Most opportunities are on the Danube river or in water surfaces. You can travel by boat on the Liptovská Mara or on the Orava reservoir, where it will take you up to the Island of Art. As its name implies, it hosts folk sculptures and other artworks exhibited in the open.

A popular activity of people of all ages is a run of the border river Dunajec in the National Park of Pieniny on rafts.

In the mountains, there is a number of cable railways, which will climb the difference in altitude for you and at the top offer a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. The highest point, which you can reach by cable railway, is the Mt. Lomnický štít.

You can board a tourist train, which will make a tour of the city easier and at the same time more spectacular, e.g. in Bratislava, Košice or Nitra.

And if you would like a ride in a historic train on a narrow-gauge railway, then certainly don’t miss a visit to the outdoor museum – Museum of the Kysuce Village in Vychylovka in Kysuce region. Here, you will find the single preserved and still operational railway of its kind in Europe.

A similar experience awaits you in Horehronie, where the Čierny Hron forest railway still works. You do not need to have any worries that discovering Slovakia is tiring. As you see, it can be pretty comfortable!

Author: Marta Mlíchová, Marián Ondrišík