Horehronie (application)

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Brezno, Brezno

GPS: N48°48'23'' E19°38'38''

Horehronie – a region framed with the ranges of the Low Tatras and the Slovenské rudohorie mountains, the cradle of the Hron river, a place where life springs from paradise and paradise returns to life. 

Clear streams running though valleys, forests full of life all year round, beautiful mountainous sceneries as well as endless meadows and pastures. This is just part of what Horehronie offers, just part of its heart.

What more has Horehronie to offer then? Modern skiing centres, wellness centres, baths, history represented by Čiernohronská railway, as well a castles, unique folklore and gastronomic experience at shepherds´ ´huts and chalets.

Enough reasons to download the Horehronie application and visit this beautiful region.

Web: www.horehronie.net