History Tour of Banská Bystrica on Praetorium Mini-train

Do you want to experience the unknown? Would you like to learn about the history of a royal city without getting up from the seat? As you wish… take a tour of Banská Bystrica’s lanes and alleys with the Praetorium Mini-train.

The Praetorium Mini-train offers a comfortable tour of Banská Bystrica’s beautiful architecture. 

You’ll ride through the historical centre without missing out on the most significant and interesting landmarks of the city – the Memorial and the Museum of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP), St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral, SNP square, Dolná Street, Bethlen's House and St. Elisabeth's Church, Beniczký's House, the Clock Tower, theBanská Bystrica Town Castle with its original Praetorium Town Hall, the Church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Barbican… Besides the beautiful architecture and historical gems, you can watch the city life and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of Banská Bystrica.

A ride with the Praetorium Mini-train makes it possible to discover the city from a different perspective. Come to Banská Bystrica and try it for yourself…

The Mini-train also offers the possibility of a tour guide, who will explain the history of the most important landmarks. This service has to be arranged separately in the Banská Bystrica Cultural and Information Centre.

Thanks to the heated coach, the Pretorium Mini-Train operates all year long.

Source: KIS Banská Bystrica