Hámorský educational trail through mining history

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Snina, Zemplínske Hámre

GPS: N48°57'0'' E22°9'13''

Want to discover more about the history of mining and iron production? Set off in search of clues along the new educational trail in the Vihorlat Mountains.

The Hámorský educational trail in Zemplínske Hámre connects restored landmarks and historically important sites associated with the former industrial activities in the hamlet of Josefsthal constructed in the foothills of the Vihorlat Mountains.

Josefsthal was known for the mining and processing of iron ore, charcoal production and timber transport.

The educational trail provides details of the events related to the hamlet’s establishment.

It presents period housing, interesting architectural elements of stone walls unique in the Zemplin region, an ingenious system of canals built to serve Hámre, and much more.

The trail has 14 stops covering 6.8 km. The good news for cyclists is that up to stop number 13 the trail can also be completed by bike.

It crosses the Po sninskej úzkokoľajke (Snina narrow gauge) cycling trail and the Snina – Zemplínske Hámre – Rovienky – Sninský kameň walking trail.


Source: Múzeum v Zemplínskych Hámroch