Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Banská Bystrica, Donovaly

GPS: N48°52'45'' E19°13'56''

All those who wish to experience the atmosphere of Slovak folklore fairytales are invited to an unconventional village which welcomes visitors in Donovaly under Nová Hoľa.

It is formed by small houses built in the style of folklore-fantasy architecture, dominated by Eggshell Castle with a pond, amphitheatre with capacity of 200 people or shopping mall KÚRNIK ŠHOPA SENTER. In addition to them you will find also many other magical small houses of various shapes and names in the village: enchanted Black Town, Feast Hall, Iron Mountain, Sunshade, House of Lobster the Prophet.

Visit of the fairytale village HABAKUKY in Donovaly, ideal for a family trip, will draw you into the original atmosphere of Slovak fairytales. Laktibrada, Popolvár, Zlatá Priadka and other heroes of folklore tales will take care of an authentic experience for the whole family in a village as if cut from the cover of children books and imaginations.
You will end up expecting the master storyteller Dobšinský emerge from behind the Eggshell Castle with a notebook in hand. Fantasy and playfulness lurk in every corner. Whether it is original fairytale architecture, interactive theatre performances or demonstrations of folk crafts - the programme is taken care of.

Web: www.habakuky.eu