Goral Happening in Pieniny

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Kežmarok, Červený Kláštor

GPS: N49°23'20'' E20°25'20''

Venue: Červený Kláštor

Date: 8/18/2018

Event type: folklore event, gastronomic event, religious event, market, TOP Event, music festival, event for children, dance event, event for youth

Spectacular summer session presenting traditional Goral folk culture in beautiful surroundings will please all who love to have fun, know how to enjoy good music, prefer fresh air and admire unspoiled nature.

Summer festival of humour, speaking, competitions, singing and dancing under majestic Tri koruny mountains will be held for the nineth time in Smerdžonka Spa in Červený Kláštor.

The event is dedicated to celebration of unique culture of Gorals. This ethnographic group of people inhabits the area around the borders of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Gorals share their culture through common language, customs, costumes, songs and dances.

Join them to experience true Goral spirit in lovely Zamagurie.

Web: Smerdžonka Spa Červený Kláštor