Google Reveals the Treasures of Slovak Galleries and Museums

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°8'32'' E17°6'26''

Google Art Project allows to explore unique paintings, sculptures and other works of art by means of the Internet and to visit some interiors virtually. More than 400 works from 8 galleries and museums can be looked through in detail from the comfort of your living room.

Slovak museums and galleries have made available altogether over 400 works of art by authors such as Ludovit Fulla, Martin Benka, Ladislav Mednyanszky, naive sculptor Stefan Sivan and sculptor Jozef Jankovic, in order for them to become the part of the Google Art Project.

High image resolution combined with the option to zoom allows to display the works of art up to the smallest detail that cannot be observed with the naked eye. In this way, Slovak National Gallery of its exposure in Kastiel Strazky (Manor House Strazky) has made available "The Flowering Bank of the River in Flood" by painter Ladislav Mednyanszky. At this resolution, it is possible to study also one of the works of art of Bratislava City Gallery – the painting "Archaic Mirror" by Slovak painter, illustrator and graphic artist Marian Cunderlik.

The first Slovak online exhibition at the sites of Cultural Institute makes Slovak National Museum available and allows visitors to look virtually at the treasures of Scientific Museum from the just ongoing exhibition "120 years of SNM(Slovak National Museum)". From the archive collections of the museum, various objects are exhibited – you can find here for example minerals, the traces of dinosaurs, the skeleton of tertiary tortoise, mummies from Egypt, Ancient Egyptian anthropomorphic coffin, Cyprian herbarium, a collection of seeds by Andrej Kmet and many others.

Slovak National Gallery – Manor House Strazky and Bratislava City Gallery enable also virtual walk through the service Street View.

Source: Google Slovensko