Gloomy Walls of Beckov Castle

Location: Trenčiansky kraj, okres Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Beckov

GPS: N48°47'27'' E17°53'54''

Venue: Beckov Castle

Date: 10/30/2018 - 10/31/2018

Event type: exhibition, event for youth, TIP

Not only Čachtice Castle is associated with infamous Blood Countess Elisabeth Báthory. Sadly well-known Čachtice Bloody Lady co-owned also Beckov Castle. Uncover the traces of the past during the night of mysterious lights at Beckov Castle.

Special themed tours of the castle will be availabe October 30th to 31st, 2018. Both days, you have chance to experience some of the castle's secrets. This will be an eery and scary night at Beckov Castle

At the castle on a steep 50 m tall rock above the village of Beckov, thrilling atmosphere waits for all the fearless the last two days of October. Do not hesitate and come over to enjoy it.

The wealthiest and most powerful women of her time in the Kingdon of Hungary, the “Čachtice Lady” was a member of the noble House of Báthory who were princes of Transylvania, one of the most powerful Protestant families in this part of Europe. Báthory by birth, Elizabeth married Count Ferenc Nádasdy, a famous military commander in fights against the Ottoman Turks called the Black Knight of Hungary for his bravery, great courage, but also extreme cruelty and much respected also in the Ottoman army. After the death of a popular soldier who would go on to lead the armies of Hungary against Ottoman forces threatening Central Europe, his wife became the largest estates owner in country at the time. She is considered to be the world's worst female serial killer bacause of punishing and torturing of innocent girls as well as murdering them. The number of victims vary from dozens to over 650. A legend has it the Palatine Thurzo caught Báthory in the act. Being so influental, she was kept from facing trial. Elisabeth Báthory was imprisoned for life in the Čachtice Castle for her crimes. She had lived isolated on the castle until her death in 1614.

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