Flying in a glider gives you one of the most beautiful feelings. The feeling of freedom and control over your own life, when the safety of the flight is entirely in your hands. Gliding is one of the ways of developing ones own self-confidence, courage and presence of mind. Is this what you are looking for? Why not?

All you need is a pilot licence. Before you get it, you will have to show determination and endurance. After minimum of 45 flight lessons, and theoretical and practical examinations, youll be a qualified pilot of gliders.

Now that you have the licence, you can set off for the airport, jump into the first glider, start the engine and ….of course you know gliders have no engine. So let yourself be pulled up by a colleague who has a motor plane, e.g. in Poprad,and soar over the High Tatras, where one can fly into the altitude of 6-8 km. And believe, there is no better view than that over the High Tatras. Below the Tatras, flying is organised all year round. The top of the flying season is the period between May and the end of August, when you can glide in the safety of your winged darling due to thermal up-currents and be pulled up by the average climbing speed of 3 m/s. During the other months the Tatra north wind will play with you, promising laminar climbing at the acceleration speed of 8-10 m/s.

You can fly on the whole territory of Slovakia - those interested and the fans of this sport are united in aero clubs and these are part of the all-state organisation the Slovak National Aero-Club.

Source: AdAstra Net