Gingerbread Olympics

Location: Trnavský kraj

GPS: N48°24'36'' E17°29'24''

Venue: Suchá nad Parnou

Date: 12/2/2018

Event type: gastronomic event, market, Christmas, event for children, event for youth, TIP, workshop

The smell of fresh baked gingerbreads has been the synonym for advent in the village of Suchá nad Parnou for some time already. Come on December 2nd to decorate your own honey cake and spend a Sunday full of activities related to Christmas preparations.

The basic idea of this Trnava surroundings event is to sharing a Christmas afternoon, following original values and traditions through activities, from which the decorating of gingerbreads is the most important one. So all the generations meet at one table and contribute to a collective piece of art - a colourful jewel. Mainly children are happy about it. Attendants can take their creations home or leave them as usual for decorating the local St. Martin's Church.

This event is attractive not only because of plenty of honey cakes waiting for a varied decoration, but also because of workshops about traditional Christmas decorations and their production. Skilled craftsmen guide the visitors at particular stations when trying the production of bells of rotang, patchwork decorations of polystyrene balls and textiles, Christmas decorations arranging, candles production of bees wax or paper decorations. The presence of home wafer maker enhances the Christmas atmosphere.

During the event there is also a book presentation of local writers with the possibility of buying and autograph session. It's no wonder, because the village is known for several successful literature influencers. The most famous was perhaps František Hečko, a well-known Slovak author. And a village monography called "Following the forgotten history" was published last year.

A catchy presentation of folk habits typical for Suchá nad Parnou is prepared for visitors at pleasant sounds of carols and hot tea.

This event is financially supported by Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic

The event is supported by National Tourism Portal as a main partner

Web: Region Tirnavia Tourist Information Centre