Getting around by bus

Slovakia belongs to European countries with the most developed interstate bus network.  By the buses operated by Slovenská autobusová doprava (SAD) company, it is possible to get to virtually every Slovak town or village. Most frequented routes are also serviced by a few private transport companies. The biggest number of buses depart from Bratislava (Bus Station Mlynské Nivy). Usually you buy a ticket directly from the driver, but you can purchase it, along with a reservation seat ticket, at the bus stations of bigger cities, or via the Internet.

Generally it's favourable to combine a train for longer distances with a bus for local connections.

Discounts for passengers (also from abroad):
Larger transport companies provide discounts on all or just on selected lines, for passengers under 26, upon the presentation of an identity card or relevant youth or student card (ISIC, EURO <26) and for passengers over 60, respectively 70, after the presentation of a document proving their identity (ID card or passport). It is important to check the conditions for the particular line.

When buying a ticket via the Internet, they provide for an additional discount.