Get to know the secrets of the 600-year-old Košice landmark

Did you know that Jesus Christ´s face appeared in the Gothic Cathedral of St. Elizabeth in the Middle Ages and that the Matthias Tower hides a rare copy of the image of the Virgin Mary from Pócs, the original of which shed tears? Read more about the most famous Košice monument, which attracts thousands of tourists to the east of Slovakia every year!

At the authentic top of the tower

Get to know the landmark of the city, which dominates the lenticular shape historic center. St. Elizabeth's Cathedral attracts the attention of tourists and long-term residents of the city, especially with its Gothic style and the northern Sigismund Tower. Following a narrow staircase, you can reach its top at a height of 59.7 m, from where you can observe the lively scenery of the center of Košice and the surrounding hills undisturbed. Watch the colorful roofs of the Old Town and let yourself be captivated by the colorful panorama of the metropolis of eastern Slovakia, which will be etched in your mind.

Experience a close touch with centuries-old history

Most visitors to the cathedral head to Sigismund's Tower. However, St. Elizabeth's Cathedral also has a southern, Matthias Tower. The builders failed to complete it in the past, and therefore in its bowels, you will reach under the unfinished dome, which you can touch quite close above your head. The South Tower also hides a rare sight: the Cult of the Blood of Jesus Christ, which depicts a miracle from the 14th century. During the mass, the priest accidentally spilled the consecrated wine on the white cloth (corporal), in which the face of Jesus Christ appeared. This miracle, recognized even by the Pope himself, made Košice an important Hungarian city for medieval pilgrims. Even today, many believers pass through Košice to see this miracle with their own eyes. In addition, the international St. James's Way passes through the city.

A bizarre gargoyle that will not escape the keen eye

St. Elizabeth's Cathedral hides a large number of historical secrets, decorated details, and mysterious things. Here you will find a metal altar made from cast weapons from the First World War or a copy of the image of the Virgin Mary from Pócs, Hungary, whose original once shed tears. Even if its replica no longer cries today, it is worth a look for any curious visitor.

And one more curious thing at the end! Face the main entrance and look up to the right. Here you will find a bizarre gargoyle depicting the drunken wife of master Stefan. He thanked his partner by immortalizing her unkind expression on the facade of the temple for the difficult moments she gave him in their marriage. Can you find her?

Experienced guides will tell you more interesting things and fabulous legends and draw you directly into the stories of the city with their narration. Plan a tour of Košice according to your wishes from the comfort of your home or visit the Visit Košice Infopoint at Hlavná St. 59, where they will be happy to provide you with more information.