Garrison Children's Day

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Prešov, Prešov

GPS: N49°1'41'' E21°18'11''

Venue: Prešov

Date: 6/7/2019

Event type: exhibition, event for children, lecture, Children's Day, TIP

Slovak Air Force Helicopter Wing invites all children to spend a marvelous day at Prešov Air Base on June 7th, 2019.

What it feels like to be a pilot? How does a walkie-talkie works? Why firemen need a foam? Which school I need to choose to become a dog handler?

To educate a funny way and to give a good object lesson is perhaps as difficult as to be an armed forces member. Children should be treated as children, not simply small adults. All hats off, these guys really know how to treat children!

Children will see and learn a lot, can try out part of military clothing, can hold a gun in their hands or take a picture with the soldiers. Helicopters and other mechanisms and vehicles will be positioned for their disposal as well.

This event is prepared with participation of 2nd Mechanized Brigade Prešov, Combat Service Support Prešov, Armed Forces Personnel Office, MP and Fire and Rescue County Directorate in Prešov.

Web: Helicopter Wing of the Slovak Air Force at Prešov Air Base