Folk Architecture in the Region of Gemer

Almost every village in the region of Gemer may proudly present buildingseither dwellings or farm structures, that represent the traditional architecture of the region. Specially the area of Slovenský kras (Slovak Karst) is a territory significant for its preserved folk architecture sights.

Three types of houses are basically recognised in this area, those of the wooden, coated or uncoated, house with a shingle roof, the clay house with a thatched, shingled, or tiled roof, and the stone house with a shingled or tiled roof.

The architecture of southern Gemer was typically marked by the elements of the Classicism, especially porches, columns, and the geometrical or vegetal decoration of gables. The stucco decoration of face walls, and the original iron details such as wrought doors, grates and window shutters used to be other typical features. The iron details were seen especially on farm buildings.

Some 100 protected sights are included among the buildings preserved in this area up to the present. Several of the houses are still inhabited today, or serve as storerooms. Many of the farm buildings, such as barns, granaries, tool sheds and stables have already disappeared. Therefore, it is quite remarkable, if some were preserved in their original environment.

Source: Mgr. Edita Kušnierová