Ferrat Trail to Martinské hole

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Martin, Martin

GPS: N49°4'51'' E18°52'21''

This unique trail in Slovakia was built by members of the Skialp Club Kriváň, the members of the Mountain Rescue Service and volunteers. The trail starts at the City Public Transport terminal station Martin in Podstráne and ends at the blue walking trail in Bazová region (a short distance from Martinské hole). 

A red marked trail leads along Pivovarský potok (Brewery Creek), there are 5 information boards with illustrations of mining carried out in the past – trams, rails and a stone crusher. Up to information board 4 it is a common walking trail without any technical aids. From this point on there is mostly a secured trail with climbing irons (about 90 pieces), ropes (428 m), ladder and more than 190 security bolts. At board 5 the trail splits into two trails, an easier and a more difficult one.

The total difference in altitude is 780 m and length is 4.8 km. The approximate time of ascent is 3 hours. Due to nature conservation and maintenance, the trail is open from 1 June until 14 September and from 1 November until 14 April. In addition to respecting the instructions on information tables and the ends of the trail, it is recommended for your own safety to use the appropriate equipment.

Source: Skialp Klub Kriváň