Farm Fest in Bratislava

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°8'6'' E17°6'34''

Venue: Bratislava, Sad Janka Kráľa

Date: 6/7/2014 - 6/8/2014

Event type: gastronomic event, other event

Reserve your first weekend in June for honest Slovak food products, crafts and good mood in the Janko Kráľ Garden in Bratislava.

FARM FEST is the celebration of quality, tradition, taste, art and talent. It is a well mixed combination of the right things, which make the Slovak regions unique and unmistakable. We have invited the best of the best from the Bratislava region and other regions of Slovakia, to get you acquainted with their quality and hard work, right in the heart of the capital.