Experiences in the air and on the water

Let's fly into the heights and delight in the unusual angle of the ground or drift along the river while enjoying the surroundings. In Slovakia, you have a lot to choose from.

Have you seen the beauties of Slovakia from the bird's eye view? Look at the world differently! For those with their feet usually firmly on the ground, it is recommended to get on a plane which will show them Slovakia with its mountains and lowlands. Have a binge and enjoy the air trip.

Would you like to see Bratislava, Gabčíkovo Dam, fields of Danubeland, Orava Dam, High Tatras, Liptovská Mara dam, Low Tatras, Mt. Chopok, Spiš Castle, Košice, Zemplínska Šírava reservoir, vineyards of Tokaj, dense forests of Poloniny, mountains in Pieniny or anything else from the plane? Try how it feels to float on the places you know from the ground.

Sightseeing flights are a good way to observe known tourist attractions or cultural monuments. You can try the feeling of looking at the world from a completely different perspective. Observing flights in Slovakia are organized at airports and airfields in e.g. Bidovce, Boleráz, Bratislava, Dubová, Krakovany, Mlynica, Námestovo, Nitra, Nové Zámky, Očová, Ražňany, Ružomberok, Senica, Slavnica, Sládkovičovo, Spišská Nová Ves, Šurany, Trenčín, Želiezovce, Žilina where panoramic helicopter flights are also provided.

The flights are attractive not only for adults but also for children. Even more untraditional experience is provided by a hot-air balloon flight that offers, while floating slowly, enough time to admire the country below and to take pictures of it.

Thanks to the board of an airplane you can enjoy the view of various corners of Slovakia. Come along with family and friends to take a flight and see the world differently.

Those, who are fed up with swimming during their stay near a water area, can enjoy a view of the countryside from the board of a sightseeing boat. These sail on the dams Liptovská Mara or Oravská priehrada, where the boats regularly transport the art lovers between the bank and the island of arts – Slanica Island.

In Bratislava one can take a boat trip from the historical centre to the ruins of the famous Slavonic fortress in Devín, towering on the high rock overlooking the confluence of the rivers Danube and Morava.

Sightseeing boats sail in both directions on the Danube. Sailing up the river brings you to Vienna in the neighbouring Austria, down the river you can get to Budapest in Hungary or as far as to the Black Sea.

Another interesting way of sightseeing is river wood rafting. This tradition is still alive and very popular in Slovakia. Most attractive is rafting down the river Dunajec in the Pieniny National Park where the river creates a natural borderline between Slovakia and Poland. Another possibility to try this wooden vessel is on the river Orava or the river Váh near the mountain Strečno and near the spa town of Piešťany.

Come to explore Slovakia through a completely different lens. In the air or down the river, get your new experiences and please yourself with the excitement of your choice.

Author: Marián Ondrišík