Regular events

There is a lot of various cultural, folklore or sports events taking place regularly in Slovakia.  Many of internationally accomplished artists and sportsmen or women perform here. Therefore, it is worth to consider the date of your trip to Slovakia in relation to one of these events. You can read about the most interesting ones in the list below. Exact dates as well as information about other events are to be found in actual event calendar. 

  • Middle Ages under the Walls (September)

  • Radvanský jarmok fair (September)

  • The Traditional Trnava Fair (September)

  • Days of the Town of Rožňava (September)

  • Divadelná Nitra, Nitra Theatre Festival (September)

  • Košice Wine Festival (September)

  • Roman Games in Rusovce (September)

  • Salamander Days (September)

  • St. Hubert Days (September)

  • Žitnoostrovský jarmok fair (September)