Ethnography Museum SNM Martin

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Martin, Martin

GPS: N49°3'50'' E18°55'43''

In 1933, the museum opened its second building to the public. After its merger with the Bratislava-based Slovak National Museum in 1961, the museum began to be distinguished as Slovakia-wide Ethnography Museum that specializes in the preservation, research, documentation and presentation of folk material and spiritual culture in Slovakia.

In line with its specialization, the museum started building a Slovakia-wide exposition of folk architecture and living in 1964, which is nowadays known as the Museum of the Slovak Village. The Ethnography Museum administers vast collections of ethnographic, archaeological, historical, numismatic character and collections from the areas of art history and ethnographic photography. The museum houses three permanent exhibitions - Man and Soil, Man and Resources and Man and Clothing. The Ethnography Museum provides expert lectures and consultancy on a range of topics from the fields of history, archaeology, ethnography and ethics. Short-term exhibitions on various topics are held in the museum throughout the year. The museum also includes a bar called Múzeum that provides refreshments and where jazz concerts are organized.

Source: SNM v Martine