Epiphany (6th January)

Marching of the Magi (or marching with a star) is known in many regions of Slovakia and can therefore be found in various variants and modifications.

Epiphany (6th January) used to be the ending of Christmas time. The customs connected to this day show how the old Slavonic customs, enriched by the elements of the Roman culture, overlap with Christian rites.

Among the best known customs is the tradition of the boys, dressed in long white shirts with crowns on their heads, going round the houses. They perform the Epiphany play - a paraphrase of the New Testament story telling how the Magi came to visit the baby Jesus Christ.

Another typical element is koleda (the carol), when the priest visits houses with a procession and writes the last two figures of the date and the initials of the Magi - G.M.B. standing for Gaspar, Melcher, Balthazar above the door.

Source: Dajama