Ekotopfilm / Envirofilm - Festival of Sustainable Development Films (October)

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°8'29'' E17°6'25''

Ekotopfilm / Envirofilm is an International Festival of Sustainable Development Films. The Festival is the oldest and the biggest of its kind in the world. Every year in October it takes place in Bratislava and a tour show of the best films is presented in all regional capitals of Slovakia.

Sustainable Development (SD) is also about new technology, science, research, and ecology. The message of the Festival is the joining of two originally antagonist groups: technicians and ecologists. Every year the Festival presents the world current films and TV programs from the SD area, by means of which it educates both professionals and the general public.

However, the Festival is also a "fiesta", i.e. entertainment. Thanks to daylong and evening film projections, accompanying events, and the program, it is a week-long happening. In addition, the Festival is an interactive event that not only addresses issues, but also helps to solve them. Films from all over the world will participate in the contest.

Film titles are organized in the following sections – films focused on science and technology, natural science, documentaries, educational, publicist films, films for children and youth, video-clips, moving films, musical and advertisement films. The accompanying program includes interactive discussion forums of experts with the general public, informal happenings in the square in the city centre with the participation of popular Slovak and foreign artists and music bands.

Traditional part of the festival is the event called „Juniorfestival – ekotopfilm for children and youth“, whose main focus is to offer the young generation up-to-date information about the global development in all branches of human activities, with the accent on permanently sustainable development.

Source: Ekotopfilm