Educational path Stratená Canyon: the first one in Slovakia also for wheelchair users

Location: Košický kraj, okres Rožňava, Stratená

GPS: N48°52'16'' E20°20'18''

The length of the path 1.1 km, the number of stops 8, elevation gain to 2 m, walking time 15-30 min. An undemanding path on paved road leads through the canyon stretch of the upper flow of the river Hnilec in the National Park Slovenský raj (Slovak Paradise).

The canyon lies between the settlement Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa and the village Stratená. It is the part of marked tourist and cycle path. The best access to the educational path is from the parking place at the eastern portal of the road tunnel. It is situated in the National Park Slovenský raj, in the National Nature Reserve Stratená.

Type of the path: self-service, text-based, graphical, year-round, two-way.

The information boards deal with history, caves, flora, fauna, geology of the surroundings – geological background of the upper flow of the river Hnilec, creation of gorges in the mountain range Slovenský raj.

The educational path is unique, because it is built also for disabled persons – wheelchair users - as the first one in Slovakia. All boards are uniquely installed in the rock at the height that is legible especially for wheelchair users.