Dobročský prales (Primeval forest of Dobroč)

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Brezno, Čierny Balog

GPS: N48°41'0'' E19°40'43''

Maybe you will be surprised to find out that there are wildwoods in Slovakia. Not the rainy ones, but our Slovak… One of them is Dobročský prales – National natural monument.

NNM-Dobročský prales is one of the oldest conservation areas in Slovakia (since 1913). It inheres in absolute altitude of 700-1000 m above a sea-level and its area is 103.85 ha. The reason for its protection is the preservation of original forests that have been shaping for centuries. The development of Dobročský prales takes part in all stages (growing stage, optimum, destruction) and phases (reproduction and decline) that create characteristic image of the wildwood.  The development cycle lasts four hundred years. The curiosity of primeval forest of Dobročský prales are trees and animals.  

In 1998, the Bureau of ministers of the Council of Europe  awarded this NNM a European diploma. NNM Dobročský prales is inaccessible for the public. 

The visitors are only allowed to see the wildwood with professional tour operators. Excursion lasts cca 2 hours and leads over the excursion path by the border of the wildwood

Author: KIS Banská Bystrica

Source: Vydra - vidiecka rozvojová aktivita