Devils at the Trenčín Castle

Location: Trenčiansky kraj, okres Trenčín, Trenčín

GPS: N48°53'39'' E18°2'41''

Venue: Trenčín Castle

Date: 11/3/2018

Event type: theatre festival, exhibition, event for youth, TIP

If you like mysterious atmosphere and if you enjoy being scared, you must not miss this devilish good action! This is your opportunity to experience the unconventional tour of the Trenčín Castle. This scarry autumn evening with hellish creatures you will have a heart in your boots, guaranteed! So come to show your courage...

Everybody knows the castle in the light, but have you seen the mysterious rooms of the castle after dark? You are invited to the original castle's night tour. This evening, the majestic dominant of Trenčín will turn to haunted castle occupied by goateed Krampuses. These demons will run your blood cold.

This will be a pretty damn good fun. Who is afraid, should not go into the castle! Will you dare?

Web: Trenčín Museum